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We know if you are happy with us, you are surely going to recommend Thomson Investments to your near and dear.
Each time your friend invests, we remember you.
We are thankful to you and we want to reward you for your efforts.

Refer and Earn upto 7%** referral investment as reward.

We are believers of Word of Mouth and eReferral Marketing

Member Referral Program

Refer a friend to join Thomson Investments and we will show our appreciation by awarding you with upto 7% of referral investment. Refer as many people as you like!

It’s Easy to Participate

A referral from a personal acquaintance is the most trusted form of recommendation. We appreciate you telling your friends about Thomson Investments. Please note that this program is open for only active Investors, so Register yourself if you haven't joined us yet. We will be providing you with all promotion materials in the member area, including a link for your friend to join. It will also help identify you as the referring member and send you the reward bonus.

Refer and Earn at Thomson Investments

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