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Company Overview

Thomson Group Of Companies LTD a.k.a Thomson Investments is an Investment management, Research and Development company. We have strong commitment to maintain long-term relationship with our clients. The Thomson Group Of Companies LTD is domiciled in the United Kingdom. We avail investments as a separate asset class or as an overlay to an existing credit exposure, and are authorized to manage funds, operate investment schemes, to advice clients and transact on their behalf. The investments made by Thomson Investments focuses on microfinance sector while all the Thomson's fiduciary, accounting and operational functions are outsourced to industry renowned auditors, retained counsel and administrators.

Professional Services

Thomson Group Of Companies is formed by a group of experienced finance and IT professionals. With the wealth of experience and extensive knowledge on the technical and financial aspects involved, Thomson Investments is able to offer top services to its clients in all aspects ranging from customer support to ease of investment, ultimately aiming to make it easier for each and every investor to walk their path to great profitability.


Thomson Group Of Companies has a network of affiliates throughout the world. Our goal is to develop a flexible and well thought-out Referral Program. Our programs are ideal for individuals/companies that wish to get started in the world of micro-finance by owning their own network, while we provide them a complete turnkey solution based on our expertise, branding and global channels.

The Microfinance Industry

The Microfinance industry serves entrepreneurs and small businesses lacking access to banking and related services. Microfinance is a broad category which includes microcredit which is of our interest. Microcredit is cash intensive and risky, at the same time highly profitable if handled cautiously. The major utilizers of microcredits are people in developing and underdeveloped countries who lack security to avail loan from banks. They utilize the loan for productive purposes—such as to start or expand a microenterprise. Microcredits are also used for personal needs like weddings, funerals, house building, personal emergencies and on events of natural and man-made disasters.