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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to include almost all frequent queries here

What is the eligibility criteria for membership at Thomson Investments?

Anyone irrespective of ethnicity, gender and nationality is eligible to become investor upon attaining age of majority as per the law of the domicile of origin of the applicant.

How can I join Thomson Investments?

Joining us is free and simple. All you need to do is to fill up the Registration Form. For detailed step by step guidance please go to our Get Started Section.

Can I have more than one account or membership with Thomson Investments?

No, sorry. Only one membership is allowed per IP and user. If we detect multiple accounts from same IP we will suspend the accounts without any prior notice. In such events, the investment will not be returned.

Do you pay daily profit to my e-currency account?

No, the daily profit is added to 'My Wallet' linked with your Thomson Investments account, you can withdraw the amount anytime from there.

Can I change the details provided at the time of registration later?

You can update your details and preferences anytime at the Profile Section and Account Settings . However, you are not allowed to change email ID and username.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can reset your password by entering your details in the Reset Password link. Please make sure you remember your Transaction PIN as the system might ask for it to confirm your identity.

Which currency do you accept?

We accept Advcash, BTC, ETH, XMR, Nixmoney, Perfect Money, Payeer and Payza (coming soon).

We prefer cryptocurrencies more than other e-currencies and that is what make us different from other investment programs. With Cryptocurrencies your identity is always safe guarded from the hackers and other criminals who steal payment information.

Is Thomson Investments a registered entity?

Thomson Investments is a subsidiary of Thomson Group Of Companies registered, domiciled and regulated by House of Companies in United Kindom.

Can you give 100% guarantee for my investment?

We don't want to lie or make false claims. All investments are inherently risky business. We invest in micro-finance sector, there is certainly a great risk of bad debt involved. But have you ever seen anyone making profit without taking a risk? No ways. The high interest rate you get is what your risk is worth for and that's why we recommend our members to invest only what they can afford to lose.

Our experienced team put their best effort to minimize this risk, as along with you our company has also invested into this program. So your loss is also our's and we don't do business for losing money. We do it to make money and realize our dreams together with you. So you are only exposed to minimum risk.

Can I reinvest the money?

Yes, we allow reinvestment from My wallet balance, however we do not give compounding option along with our schemes.

How long does it take to withdraw profit to my e-currency account?

We ususally process within a business day, but please wait upto 48 hours as there may be delays due to increased number of withdrawal requests.
Earlier our withdrawals were instant, but due to increase in fake referrals and IDs we approve withdrawal only after proper verification which takes time. We request your cooperation in this case.

Is there any withdrawal limit?

Yes, withdrawal amount should be between 0.7 USD and 10,000 USD per transaction.

Why do you charge withdrawal fee?

Withdrawal fee is used to cover expenses related to payment processing. However as our withdrawal fee is very low (0.1%)  it has almost no affect on your withdrawals lesser than 1000 USD.

Why am I not able to withdraw profit?

There might be several reasons. It might be due to incorrect e-currency account provided at the time of withdrawal. Sometimes you might have crossed the maximum withdrawal limit over your e-currency account. Please contact your e-currency provider to sort this problem out. There may be occassions when payment gateways are not working, you would need to wait patiently in such events.

How much reward can I earn through your Member Referral program?

You can earn upto 7% of your referral deposit as reward each time your referral invest with us. The higher the deposit the higher is your profit. For investments lower than 1000 USD, 5% is the referral commission. Meanwhile for each investment greater than 1000 USD, referral reward is 7% of investment.

What kind of membership reward system do you have?

We have uni-level reward system. So you have the chance to have unlimited referrals and earn same rewards over each of your referral.

Do you give rewards for referring new members?

We reward you only if your referral invests with us. We don't give rewards for inactive investors.

Why your schemes have low interest rate?

We are not running ponzi schemes or MLM kind of business, we are investing into micro-finance sector. Unless it is a ponzi scheme very high returns is not feasible. We want this platform to be there for long time and not end up in loss.

Why you have minimum withdrawal set to 0.7 USD?

We are relaying on bitcoins, so for transactions to get confirmed it need to be processed by miners who charge fee which is beyond our control. If the withdrawal amount is quite low, they will take longer time to get through transactions and/or will end up being negligible amount by the time it reach the investor. That is why we have set minimum withdrawal to 0.7 USD.

Please note that for Payza minimum withdrawal amount is 1 USD.

Why is my cryptocurrency investment not getting confirmed?

Cryptocurrency investments takes arund 4-6 confirmations before processing the investment, so you would have to wait till then. Sending payment less than the amount instructed at Payment page can also be the issue. As the system is fully automated, we suggest you to send precise amount or even little more (to avoid issues due to miner fee deductions) to avoid such circumstances.

Do you pay on weekends?

You can invest and withdraw 24x7x365, but we consider only business days so no interest is paid on weekends. So if you join a scheme for 120 days, it means you are actually joining a scheme of 120 business/working days.

Is the interest rate fixed?

No, the interest rate denoted is variable and depends on income from our investments. But it never goes lesser than 0.15% of the promised interest rate.

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