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Welcome to Thomson Investments, a new initiative of Thomson Group Of Companies. We as an investment team is made up of market experts, commodity-traders, programmers, designers, etc under the help of advanced investment experience on world financial markets such as micro-financing, lending & internet services.
All investors around the world are welcome to join us. Lets work together towards financial freedom.


Unique Features

Godaddy Certified Domain

Our domain registration is formally certified by Godaddy. For obtaining certification each domain need to go through an authorization and validation process which includes fraud screening and telephone verification, which is similar to EV SSL Certification process.

Real Business

We use only business accounts to accept payment unlike other investment platforms. All this is possible just because we are real company with real people. Your money will always be safe with our business accounts' added protection.

Quality Investing

Investments are made after rigorous financial analysis and on-the-ground due diligence of the inclusive individual's or financial institution's financial sustainability, operations, management, corporate governance and social values, as well as the macroeconomic landscape and operating environment of the country where the institution is located.

Shared Risk

Unaligned with industry standards, all founders hold an equity stake in the company. Likewise, there is substantial personal investment of director and board in company's investment capital. You are never alone.

Expert Monitoring

During the course of few months since inception, the company has given major insights into the underlying mechanics of the global currencies and industries. Our research oriented expert team constantly analyzes the trends in global economy on different levels with a clear focus on generating alpha for our members.

Indirect Social Service

The major beneficiaries of micro-financing sector are underprivileged people, micro-entrepreneurs, and small businesses with less or no access to banking and related services. When you invest with us, you are helping someone fulfill their dream.

Cryptocurrency Investment

We love Cryptocurrency. It is quicker, cheaper, and more secure compared to the fiat money. The universal digital currency help our investors get maximum returns from their investment at the earliest. And yes, there is no more third-party hurdles.

Security Features

Your security is our utmost concern.

  • mcafee
  • Cloudflare_protection
  • Comodo SSL

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